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Ural sidecars, made for leisure activities in Andorra

Our URAL sidecars are extraordinary machines imported directly from Russia for the most difficult terrain! Their reliability and comfort makes them ideal tools for exploring the beautiful Andorran roads. This leisure activity benefits from an ideal playground, whether the courses are paved, earthy, snowy or muddy! Our Ranger models are additionally equipped with 2 "disengageable" drive wheels which allow, if necessary, to get out of all situations. However, and this directly benefits this leisure activity, in Andorra 95% of roads are of high quality and allow us to ride in peace.

Ural sidecars, made for leisure activities in Andorra

A "historical" sidecar“

Ordered by Stalin

The epic Ural in the former Soviet Union began in 1939. Under the orders of Stalin in anticipation of the Second World War, military engineers sought to copy a motorcycle harness able to withstand the extreme conditions of future theatres of operation.
The technicians noticed the BMW R71 that seemed to correspond in all aspects to the extreme specifications of the Red Army. Five R71 German units were purchased by intermediaries in Sweden and secretly smuggled into Russia.

The 5 removed BMWs were copied to the smallest detail and the production "Made in the USSR" began in Moscow. From 1941 the first models of M-72 were presented to Stalin who officially launched the production.

It was in October 1942 that the first M-72s were sent to battle. During the Second World War, 9799 of these M-72 were sent to the front-line and participated in the road to victory, welcoming a worldwide fame export began around 1953.

Designed for the leisure activity in Andorra, the URAL sidecars are still manufactured in Russia at the Irbit factory, now privatized!

Photo credit Bruno Mondet /Ural France

A "vintage" look with modern features

If the "look" of the sidecar URAL RANGER is vintage, it’s design benefits from all the modernity necessary to roll on the European roads. Vehicle EURO 4, is equipped with an electronic injection, 3 disc brakes, an inverter, 2 drive wheels and a powerful 750cc engine to carry without any problem 3 adults on the steepest roads. Ideal for leisure activity in Andorra.

2 rear drive wheels for maximum safety

The URAL RANGER sidecar comes from the manufacture made specifically for the army and naturally retains its standard qualities. This sidecar has the highest ground clearance of all the Urals which makes it ideal on dirt roads and in snow, very common in Andorra. Your leisure activity benefits from the Soviet experience! The exclusive system of transmission to the wheel of the sidecar without differential (the equivalent to the 4x4 for cars), guarantees on the one hand an exceptional straight track in the most difficult terrain, and on the other hand an optimized grip on snowy or muddy roads.

Original accessories

URAL sidecars are delivered with a shovel, a pump, a spare wheel, a tool kit and an original first aid kit! No emergency equipment but a small bottle of vodka, a tin of sardines and a pack of chewing gum ... The military origin of this now civilized machine and the use in the plains of Russia explain all this. Do not worry, as part of the leisure activity in Andorra, the Ranger URAL can carry many other victuals! Do not hesitate to contact us, we research all requests and would be delighted to meet your expectations.

Trained pilots

If driving a sidecar may seem easy, it is not. The asymmetrical geometry of the vehicle, the distribution of masses, the braking system coupled, the volume of the sidecar, its steering angle, etc... makes it a particular vehicle to drive but a very high security when it is mastered.

Specific training to ensure the safety of your excursion on the Andorran roads

  • To drive a sidecar does not require in Europe and Andorra in particular, any specific license except for a motorcycle license A2 or A3. Yet its driving is very different from that of a big engine.
  • Despite their many years of driving, all types of vehicles (motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, quads ...), the Classic Side Tour drivers were specifically trained to conduct the URAL. The main objective: to know perfectly our sidecars and to learn how to control them in all conditions for the greatest safety of the passengers who try this leisure activity in Andorra.
  • This unique training delivered by the largest French importer of URAL sidecars, Classic Bike Esprit, addresses all the aspects related to this particular machine: architecture, technical specificities, mechanical points, mode of rolling, distribution of the passengers, maintenance ...
  • The practice period, under the "strict but friendly" supervision of Sarah, consists of exercises carried out on "closed circuit" taking into account the size of the sidecar and its domain (Rolling on 2 wheels, gymkhanas, passages and maneuvers between fixed points, emergency braking, one-hand rolling ...), as well as a part driving on the road to appreciate all the subtleties of driving alone or with passengers.

Classic Bike Esprit, partner of your leisure activity in Andorra

You want to buy a URAL sidecar in France, go for a guided ride or rent a machine? See you at Classic Bike Esprit in Saint Rémy de Provence in the care of Sarah and Neil.

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Journey: From Saint Rémy de Provence to Andorra

No trailer to “bring” the two URAL sidecars to Andorra but two days of travel for our greatest pleasure, from Saint Remy de Provence to the principality with the crossing of the border.