F.A.Q. Classic Side Tour

Your questions, our answers about your sidecar activity in Andorra

You are wondering about your future sidecar activity in Andorra: how many passengers? What age can children go on board at? Are small dogs accepted? Can we cancel and under what conditions? Etc ... This FAQ is for you!

Your questions, our answers about your sidecar activity in Andorra

All about sidecar activity in Andorra


  • All our excursions are made exclusively with our own Classic Side Tour pilots.
  • Under no circumstances can passengers drive sidecars during their excursion.
  • We do not rent sidecars.


  • The sidecar is a safe and very stable vehicle when it is perfectly balanced. The placement of passengers is at the initiative of the driver and is based on the respective "weights" to ensure a perfect balance. If you are alone during the sidecar activity in Andorra, you will automatically be in the "sidecar seat". In a large majority of cases, if the sidecar has 2 passengers, they can change places during the journey.
  • Our URAL sidecars meet European standards and are EURO 4 approved.
  • They have many specific safety and driving equipment: 3 wheels with disc brakes, a reversing for delicate maneuvers, 2 rear drive wheels in case of soft, slippery or snowy floors ...
  • These vehicles are primarily recreational vehicles and their "Military" conception makes them safe and effective.
  • The average overall speed during sidecar activities in Andorra is between 30 and 50 km / h, especially during the discovery of the Andorran peaks. The activity is experienced at a pace that favours discovery while providing atypical sensations specific by the sidecar.


  • Each sidecar has 2 passenger seats, one in the sidecar seat and the other behind the pilot. The sensations are similar, but it is true that the place in the sidecar seat is "atypical". We have the possibility during each sidecar activity in Andorra, if you wish, to alternate the places so everybody takes advantage of the unique sensation in the sidecar seat under the condition that the distribution of the balances is respected.
  • It is possible to put 2 passengers in the sidecar seat in case of the care of a young child.
  • Our prices are different depending on whether each sidecar takes 1 or 2 passengers. Price lists are naturally, preferential for 2 passengers.


  • The helmet is obligatory in the Principality of Andorra.
  • During the activity, you will be equipped with a helmet jet, available in several sizes.
  • They have a big visor as well as a removable sunscreen. Our helmets are new and disinfected every day, we also provide you mobcaps.
  • We arrange certain rainwear, in case of unexpected bad weather during your excursion in the sidecar in Andorra.
  • We have "small size" helmets adapted to the women and to the children.
  • No specific outfit is necessary to try the sidecar activity in Andorra. In winter, however we recommend you to plan warm clothes (ski clothing or other) given the temperatures and the altitude of some planned mountain passes.
  • We also have tartan rugs for the passenger of the “basket“.


  • Children are accepted from 7 years in the sidecar seat under the responsibility of an adult present in the passenger seat behind the pilot, or in the sidecar seat. The sidecar seat is equipped with a windshield avoiding any problem of wind. In case where an adult is in the sidecar seat with a child, we can not take an extra adult behind the driver. The legislation imposes 2 passengers maximum.
  • Children from 8 years old can take place behind the driver with the written authorization of parents and provided that once seated, their feet are placed on holds-feet provided for this purpose. So that the child is safe on the saddle, it is essential that it is stable to avoid any imbalance in winding roads.
  • The sidecar seat is equipped with a windshield avoiding any problem related to speed (relative ...), to wind, snow or rain.
  • We have helmets for children.


  • Small dogs are accepted on a leash or "bag", under the responsibility of their owner and only in the sidecar seat. The size of the dog will be decisive in its acceptance on board.
  • We reserve the right to stop your sidecar activity in Andorra and return to our starting point if an animal causes problems of safety in terms of driving. The SIDE TOUR will be due in its entirety.
  • We have bowls for drinking in case of long excursions and we can bring food if necessary.

Book your Andorran experience


  • You can reserve an excursion directly in the reception of your hotel

List of the partner hotels

Ctra. d’Arinsal, s/n. Erts
AD400 La Massana
Principality of Andorra
T. +(376) 738 500
F. +(376) 738 509
E-mail: palomehotel@palomehotel.com
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Crta General 2 s/n, AD100 Soldeu
Principality of Andorra
T. +(376) 870 670
E-mail: recepcio.hermitage@sporthotels.ad
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Carretera General 2, nº19
AD100 Soldeu
Principality of Andorra
E-mail: pioletspark@pioletspark.ad
T. +(376) 871 787
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  • You have to book directly your sidecar activity in Andorra by contacting us by phone. Then the confirmation e-mail will be sent to you, specifying the number of concerned people, the price list of the selected excursion, the meeting place chosen by you during your reservation and the various possible options (Tasting of wines, champagnes, spirits and various dishes).
  • The payment in cash should be made necessarily the day before the excursion in our offices in Andorra la Vella. It’s better to contact us before coming over to verify that we are present and not on the road through the Andorran Pyrenees.


  • Only cash payment is accepted for the moment. Our reservation system is in the process of being finalized and will soon allow an online payment by credit card for the sidecar activity in Andorra.
  • If the reservation is booked by a partner hotel, the cash payment can be made the day of the excursion.
  • If the reservation is made individually, the cash payment is to be made the day before the day of the excursion in our offices in Andorra la Vella.
  • In future payment can be made on-line, since Classic Side Tour will be a partner of the Banc Sabadell of Andorra.